Built in 1911, the County Hall is an amazing venue to host the event, and it was formerly the HQ for what was London County Council, before it was abolished in 1986. The very fabric of the building speaks Edwardian; whilst taking in some fantastic views across the Thames we expect a day of thought leaders, intellectual debate and as much customer experience discussion as you’ll ever need.

This event marks a milestone for us at Capita with our ever increasing focus on customer experience and we are proud of all the effort and hard work that’s gone into bringing so many people together; people intrigued and interested to talk, learn and discuss real business issues, as well as understand market trends and technology innovations.

CEM is such a broad topic, something I am personally really passionate about having started my working career as a customer experience super hero, minus cape; otherwise known as an advisor in the contact centre world. The job is hard, made harder still by customers and consumers wanting more, wanting it now and wanting choice. Keeping up is tough, managing and measuring experiences is difficult and keeping yet more technology innovations at bay is a nightmare. 

Aside from being my birthday (no I am not telling you the number), the Future Focus event tomorrow will see some of the industry’s leading influencers discuss what’s truly important in the world of CEM, from the MP Chris Evans discussing why customer satisfaction is imperative to the UK, Jo Causon, the CEO of the customer service institute bringing a wealth of expertise and guidance, Linda Moir, who’s passion for customer experience is infectious and then finished by Richard Watson, who as a futurologist gets to talk about all of the scary and amazing things we can all expect as organisations and as consumers in the world of tech. This event is for the geeky, the curious, the logical rationalists and the innovative entrepreneurs in us all.

Audience participation is encouraged, with a panel session made up of our intellectual victims leaders, willing and waiting to answer some fairly disruptive and risky questions from the audience. We expect some healthy debate and controversy, without which a panel just becomes a boring Q&A (not on my watch).

Workshops are likewise filling up. We listened to what organisations wanted and as such have sessions running to discuss some poignant topics such as journey mapping, AI and machine learning and finally, analytics. The interest in these sessions proves just how much we all struggle scratching beneath the hype to establish the need, the process and the benefit. We must leverage our experiences in these topics, learn from our successes and more importantly, learn from our mistakes in a safe environment.

The day will close with some well-earned drinks and refreshments, ideally in a pub where we can observe what I’m sure will be another tense England game.

I look forward to greeting you all tomorrow, for those intending to attend please remember to register in advance. Bring an open mind, take advantage of the expertise in the room and exhibitor areas, and see you soon.