One thing that I’ll always associate with summer 2018 was the unprecedented feeling that I could trust the long-term weather forecasts and actually plan ahead for family days out, barbecues with friends and even the odd camping trip, quite often weeks in advance.

Consistency was very much present and well this year, but perhaps in weather terms only.

The spiking and progress of the technology and digital curves this summer were certainly not nearly as reliable as the UK’s isobars and beach temperatures.

Businesses weren’t able to foresee specific problems or solutions with similar degrees of certainty and, those lucky enough to have a sound ‘guesstimate’ certainly can’t predict the pace of digital developments that may deliver a solution to their particular problems.

Unfortunately, that’s just how digital disruption works, and one thing that we can absolutely predict is the pace of technological and digital change is continuously increasing, leaving many businesses and organisations in a place whereby they have almost stopped trying to keep up.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be a part of our largest ever technology showcase this October and I’m certain that The Disruptive Advantage will be one of the UK and Ireland’s leading digital conferences of 2018.

As many of you will already know from first-hand experience, or perhaps having read in David Cousins’ recent blog, County Hall is a truly stunning venue fit for any event. The forthcoming clash of old Edwardian architecture and cutting-edge 21st century technology will be no coincidence.

The Disruptive Advantage will bring our customer promise, to be Here for you, to life through a series of globally renowned keynote speakers, collaborative and genuinely informative workshops, highlighting the technologies that can help organisations and businesses stay ahead of the digital curve.

Future Focus will inform, discuss and debate how technology is disrupting businesses at an unprecedented pace and impact.

Additionally, and much more importantly, delegates will be immersed in an arena of true collaboration and practical knowledge, where the opportunities and rewards provided by the digital revolution will be clarified, demonstrated and tailored to suit their individual needs.

Our keynote speakers include renowned digital strategist Andrew Grill, cyber security and organised crime guru Misha Glenny and Decoded founder Kathryn Parsons, who can famously teach anyone to code in a day (she hasn’t met me yet!).

All of our keynotes could command any tech stage in the world, and we’re delighted to have them on board.

This combination of world-class speakers, true digital thought leaders, direct access to global technology partners, Capita experts and the latest technology demo areas, will deliver a truly immersive learning experience, and an event that will bring visible value to all who attend.

Visit The Disruptive Advantage event page for more information on the agenda, speakers, workshops and how to register.