Speak your customers’ language

Analytics can be used across the whole customer engagement experience to understand everything from why they are contacting you to why they have chosen a particular channel, even to why there has been a spike in demand.  By analysing every conversation across every channel, you can understand your customer’s language objectively, and track any changes to ensure you can respond quickly to their needs.

Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty

Understanding how your customers feel about your service is key to a long lasting relationship. Unlike traditional survey processes that are often difficult to manage, Voice of Customer (VoC) tools can capture feedback across all of the channels and consolidate the information. This means you can provide point-in-time analysis and advisor feedback quickly and keep your team responsive to changing customer needs.

Save time and increase positive outcomes

With analytics tools, every customer interaction can be automatically analysed to identify trends, issues and behaviour patterns. By reducing the manual effort, you can save your business time and reduce costs as well as improve your customer experience and the service you deliver.

Automation of compliance measurement

Ensuring compliance, whether script adherence, a regulatory requirement or language use is vital to any organisation to retain customer trust. Through automation and analysis of conversations you can establish how effective your compliance is and highlight concerns or issues that need to be resolved, efficiently and objectively.

Create new data sources to improve processes

Customer service advisors have to deal with multiple applications and processes running across front, middle and back office, so making these as efficient and integrated as possible is essential. By using desktop analytics you can access new data sources - everything from application usage to button clicks, meaning you can identify and fix more issues in less time.