Your contact centre sits at the heart of this change; Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solutions ensure new technologies provide your agents with the tools and information they need to deliver an experience that delights your customers.

Let your customer choose how they talk to you

Conversations have changed; customers want to interact not just via phone or email, but through social media, apps and chat. CEM tools allow your organisation to track, oversee, organise, manage and monitor every customer interaction, so that you can understand your customers better, empower your workforce with the right information, gather feedback and measure performance resulting in an improved customer experience – and greater loyalty.

Create a single experience across your organisation

Introducing new technologies into the customer journey isn’t always simple. In the rush to innovate, businesses can fail to consider the bigger picture. The result can be internally silo’d departments and a fragmented and frustrating experience for customers. User experience and service design methodologies help you understand how customers want to interact with you. By understanding their journey, you can ensure all touchpoints - from call centre, to app, to website - are frictionless and deliver a single experience of your organisation to the customer.

Empower your team

Your advisors are your superheroes on the frontline; but they have to contend with difficult processes, inconsistent technologies, cluttered applications and increasingly more complex demands from customers. By simplifying processes and applications and enabling the technologies to work together, CEM can provide your advisors with real time and meaningful information empowering them to give your customers the best possible service experience.

Manage the demand effectively

In call centres there will inevitably be peaks and troughs in demand.  Managing these efficiently is key to ensuring customers satisfaction is maintained. CEM can support queue management, call back, self service and provide skills based routing helping your business to manage the peaks as effectively as possible.