Maximise your investment

Not all data is equal. Taking a blanket approach to your hosting and applications burdens your business with unnecessary cost.

A hybrid cloud environment allows you to match the quality and location of your hosting to the value of your data. It means you’ll only pay for what you use, it allows you to rationalise your data centre estate and can even reduce your carbon footprint.

Reap the benefits of a multi cloud environment

Not all clouds are equal either. Cloud platforms have different strengths, whether in the technology and services they offer or in the way they are delivered. With organisations becoming more cloud aware, businesses need to exploit the best that each platform has to offer, going beyond cost savings to consider scalability, agility, security or even sovereignty.  

By doing this, your business can drive down costs, especially Capex, and minimise both security risks and other barriers to innovation such as vendor lock in. And you can move your data and applications to where you need to, when you need to, without incurring a contractual penalty.

Simplified cloud management

For many businesses, having the skills, processes and tools to get the most out of a single cloud is a challenge, so extending it to a second or third platform can feel prohibitive. However new innovations such as application containerisation, infrastructure as code, configuration management tools as well as cross cloud management tools are reducing this complexity and the workload for your IT team.

Highly secure on premise solutions

Every journey to the cloud is different and won’t always result in moving applications and infrastructure to a hyper-scale public cloud environment. Data centre solutions – from simple Co-location through to Managed Hosting - enable organisations to run business-critical infrastructure and applications in a highly secure environment. What’s more, they can provide a platform where they can host and transform their applications to be cloud ready.