Connect your world

Your network is vital. It connects your people with your customers. It connects your local, national and global locations. It connects your offices, data centres and applications. By investing in your connectivity you can ensure your organisation is ready for a digital future.

Enable digital innovation and support Cloud First

With many businesses moving towards a Cloud First strategy, and with the growth in rich digital media and data heavy applications, it is essential to ensure your network has the capacity to cope now and in the future. Optimising your network and applying prioritisation can ensure time sensitive traffic such as video and voice, or high priority applications always get the bandwidth they need. 

Create working communities

Shared services in the public sector have increased, but the security requirements surrounding the sensitive data they control have prevented employees from different agencies working collaboratively.  Now, Shared Workplace Infrastructure allows these agencies to create a community of locations from which their people can work together, securely, without compromising data, allowing health, police, education and social workers to work together to support their citizens.

A connected future

Alongside changes in business requirements, connectivity advancements will allow access to significant increases in bandwidth across the country, based on the latest copper, fibre or wireless technology. In addition, the impact of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) will play an active part in the way networks are developed and managed, offering greater choice and flexibility in software-defined WAN and agility and performance with Network Function Virtualisation (NFV).