At the same time, the need for digital transformation has turned cyber security from a simple defensive product to a strategy that can deliver competitive differentiation. At its most mature, it can help a business prevent risk, identify weaknesses, contain threats, support compliance and ultimately have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Cyber security - more than prevention

Hacking is big business and hackers are operating in an increasingly organised, industrialised and sophisticated way. It’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’ your organisation is compromised. This means businesses must be prepared. In today’s world, a prevention-only strategy won’t protect your business: an effective security strategy must combine prevention, detection and remediation.

Educate your people

Any security strategy is only as good as your weakest link which often is your employee. The majority of successful attacks originate from phishing emails - that encourage people to click through to compromised links or websites. Whilst solutions including advanced malware protection can provide some defence, it is also essential to train your staff and ensure they are aware of the potential risks.

Secure your Perimeter

With flexible working your people may be in the office, at home, in a coffee shop, on a customer site or in fact anywhere globally. And they are now bringing their own devices into the workplace. Context based security is essential to accommodate these different devices and locations. Encryption protects the data from getting into the wrong hands. Combining these in a smart security system is the only way to secure the new perimeter.

Minimise potential losses

The potential financial impact of a security breach includes loss of productivity from downtime, loss of assets, the cost of remediation and possible regulatory fines and litigation. Companies that fail to protect their customers’ data can damage their own reputation, resulting in a loss of market share. A smart security strategy will help protect your business against these risks and have a direct impact on your revenues.

Maximise business potential

Security is not just about minimising risk, but also about moving forward. For your organisation to digitally transform it must keep its business private and its data secure. Ensuring cyber security enables innovation and transformation making the opportunities available through technology limitless.