A secure, mobile workforce

Mobility has changed the way businesses work, with your people accessing corporate information and resources on the move. A wireless infrastructure enables access to data and applications at all times, without compromising security.

Protect your data

Managing the access to your network, enabling the use of employee and guest owned devices (BYOD) and securing your corporate data brings with it many tough challenges. Businesses are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of unauthorised and unauthenticated devices, data and apps in the modern workplace. Context based access controls allow you to limit user access to data and applications based on profile, time of day, device or even location, ensuring your data remains protected and your business uncompromised.

Track your assets

Wi-Fi can be combined with Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagging to allow tracking of key assets in and around your organisation, supporting inventory management, scheduled equipment maintenance, increased productivity and providing enhanced security and protection.

Gain intelligence

Wi-Fi analytics can track your people and customers, offering an insight into everything from clocking in times, to shop footfall, to room and building utilisation to patient waiting times in hospitals. Wi-Fi can also be used to push out notifications, whether customer surveys, product promotions or internal team updates.

Wi-Fi as a revenue stream

Although your business may prefer to offer free guest Wi-Fi access there are other opportunities for generating revenue including premium connection services, promoting third parties via push notifications, or selling anonymised data such as footfall and demographic data to local businesses.