Business Continuity (BC) planning allows you to identify, manage and respond to potential risks to ensure your organisation can continue to operate effectively, even in the event of a major disruption.

Prepared in a changing environment

Protecting today’s business isn’t straight forward. You need to consider data in physical and virtual infrastructures, on premise and multiple cloud environments, office based workers as well as those working remotely.  Business Continuity assessments will help you understand your full estate and gauge your BC readiness.

Understand your risks, target your BC investment

Every business will have a different risk profile, so correctly identifying and prioritising the specific risks your organisation faces is vital. Business Continuity planning, and in particular business impact analysis, helps identify the biggest threats to your organisation as well as which systems and applications are mission-critical, so that you can give these areas the best level of protection.

Comprehensive plans to keep your people informed and prepared

Disruption is often exacerbated by a team who don’t understand what to do when something goes wrong. Business Continuity planning will create specific programmes for your executive team; IT and technical recovery group and individual departments as well as customer communications to ensure your people are fully prepared and all aspects of the business are covered. 

Ongoing protection for your business

Once in place, scenario testing is essential to ensure the plans work and any weaknesses are identified to give you total confidence that you have the right levels of protection and compliance for your business.