Collaboration tools are specifically designed to support a dispersed workforce, bringing together Voice, Video, Messaging, Presence and Conferencing into a single, seamless platform empowering your people to work effectively as a team, regardless of physical location.

Smarter working, more productive people

Collaboration tools offer choice and flexibility in how you communicate with colleagues. Conversations can move intuitively between desktops and mobile devices, virtual meetings can be convened spontaneously and enriched with high definition video and media, decisions can be made instantly and work conducted anywhere. Together, this maximise your people’s productivity and effectiveness, resulting in a more efficient business.

Build and retain expertise from the global talent pool

Whether considering new recruits or existing employees, Collaboration tools enable you to build virtual teams based on the right expertise, wherever they may be, giving you access to a global pool of talent. And offering your people the choice of where to work whilst still enabling them to feel fully engaged with colleagues and customers can greatly improve their overall satisfaction, which increases retention and productivity.

Reduce your costs, save the planet

Encouraging your people to use Collaboration tools can cut travel expenses, reclaim wasted commuting time and reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Virtual conferencing capabilities mean attendees can not only meet ‘face to face’, but can share, edit and amend multiple content documents – be they budgets, bids, timelines or indeed any application - in realtime, via interactive smartboards or simply on screen. What’s more, conferences can be accessed from any online device, anywhere in the world.  And as Collaboration tools support remote working, your staff will no longer need to be at their office desks at the same time, so you can rationalise your physical infrastructure and reduce these costs too.