End User Compute solutions help you to find the best way to give your workforce the equipment, access, applications and software they need to do their jobs whilst ensuring you’ve got the control you need across all your IT.

Protection for your data

With more people working remotely, or on the move, protecting the data on their devices is essential, especially with the new GDPR requirements – and the risk of substantial fines for non-compliance. With EUC, not only is all data stored centrally rather than locally, but with Cloud-based solutions, if a device is lost or stolen it can be remotely wiped within minutes, ensuring confidential information remains secure.

Simplified application management

Every user in your organisation is using multiple applications – office applications, accounting systems, collaboration tools, even those which run in the background, such as antivirus. By managing these centrally, not locally, you can ensure version control to drive consistency across your estate. This not only reduces management time, it helps keep your whole team productive.

Reduced security risk

The majority of recent viruses to hit businesses have exploited known weaknesses on older operating systems and applications. With End User Compute solutions, you can also manage issues such as upgrades and patch management quickly and easily, and ensure they have been deployed across your organisation, to reduce your security risk.