Integrated technologies for simplified management

A Smart building is built on a single structured cabling infrastructure and converged data network to connect all of its key components to the internet. Everything from digital signage to networks, from AV to security can be managed intelligently. What’s more, data on all these components can then be collected and analysed to help you make better decisions.

Create a productive working environment

Creating a comfortable environment for your workforce is essential to maintaining productivity. With Smart buildings technologies, intelligent lighting will adapt and mimic natural daylight, avoiding harsh glare, whilst temperature can be controlled on a room by room basis. In meeting rooms, your employees can pre-set their own temperature and lighting, even adjusting the colour hue to suit their needs. And if a meeting is cancelled, sensors will identify an empty space and make the room ‘available’ again.

Reduce costs, improve your green credentials

Smart buildings save power as lights automatically turn off when empty whilst thermostats adjust to optimise temperature, dramatically reducing your energy costs.

Improve safety and security of your team

Building’s physical access must be simple, yet secure. Alarms, CCTV and access controls can be IP-enabled and managed centrally to improve the security of your building in an unobtrusive way, whilst RFID tagged passes control and monitor individual access to lifts, floors and rooms.